Guitar lessons in Ede at Novae Popschool

Guitar lessons at Novae Popschool 

Performance based guitar lessons in English

Practical lessons!

At Novae Popschool, you will learn to play the guitar from teachers who love to play music themselves.

Individually customizable!

Our guitar lessons are adjusted to suit your own personal dreams and goals! 

Guitar lessons from professionals

Our teachers are trained in music and music theory at conservatories from around the world.

Do you fantasize about playing the guitar, but don’t know where to start?

  1. You’ll never learn to play the guitar properly without the right support of an experienced guitar instructor to pass on their knowledge, coaching, and constructive feedback. Your path to mastering this instrument would be difficult, tedious and incomplete, and will prevent you from reaching your full potential. You would struggle to achieve your dream without the right help.
  2. Have you been playing the guitar for a while now, but want to get more out of it?
     By playing the same thing over and over, you can quickly lose your passion for music. The joy you get from playing will eventually wear off, and you’ll end up in a “musician’s block,” which will prevent you from making any progress. Without consistent feedback from someone who’s been there before, your playing will plateau and your guitar will catch dust.  
  1. Are you lacking a proper foundation, struggling with technique, and uninspired?
     You’ll never really progress and become a guitar master without the expert-level help of an experienced teacher that is dedicated to seeing you excel.
  2. Are online lessons dragging you down?
     You’ll be treading dangerous waters if you attempt to learn guitar just from watching how-to videos online. These video lessons lack the direct feedback on your sound, phrasing, timing, interpretation, musicality, and feel. These are so much more important than simply learning where to put your fingers. Even more importantly, without a thorough understanding of correct posture and handling, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself. One wrong move and you can forget about playing the guitar altogether!

We offer a solution: Learn to play, your way

  • At Novae Popschool, we welcome music enthusiasts of all ages. Our guitar lessons are fine-tuned to help you achieve your personal musical goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner starting from scratch, or already an intermediate or advanced musician, our guitar lessons are designed to accommodate you and develop you into the musician you dream of being.
  • You won’t simply get a worksheet of monotonous exercises. Together with your instructor, you will receive challenging and motivating material specially designed to help you grow as a musician.
  • Groove and sound are key parts of our lessons. Using these concepts, you will learn to become the driving force of a band, using the right techniques to express yourself from the soul.
  • In our guitar lessons, we cover all kinds of techniques, styles and even music theory: accompaniment, soloing, grooves, licks, reading sheet music, scales and modes, etc. Not boring and monotonous, but simple and fun. We do everything we can to achieve one goal: guiding you in your musical development.
  • In your guitar lessons, your musical interests come first. We won’t make you do bland, repetitive exercises every week. Instead, you and your guitar teacher will work on things that motivate you and help develop the skills you want to achieve. Through your hand-crafted, practical curriculum, you will be trained to play the guitar in a musical way. Not just by focusing on technical, virtuosic playing, but also by learning how to support other musicians in a band.
  • Our professional and energetic guitar instructors are happy to work out with you exactly what you want to focus on musically, and they will help you learn a lot using their wide range of personal experiences.
  • Throughout our lessons, we make use of tried-and-true modern learning methods and materials, such as inspiring textbooks and songbooks, play-along backing tracks, smart device apps, and YouTube videos.

Others share their experiences

More confidence and control!
I enjoy the lessons at Novae Popschool because you can decide yourself what you want to learn and work on, helping you achieve what YOU want to do. Thanks to these lessons, I am much more confident onstage, I’m more in control, and I’m more determined to succeed. 
Roderick van Essen - 31 years old
You get to know other musicians
Novae Popschool has an added value, because it has something to offer in every area of music! It’s a great spot to meet other musicians and to learn from each other. You are challenged to participate in all kinds of projects, such as jam sessions, where you get to know a different side of being a musician than just playing on your own. 
Ruben Daamen - 23 years old
Practical lessons
Because the teachers at the Popschool are all active musicians themselves, their lessons are much more valuable to me. There’s also no rivalries or competition within the Popschool, which is something you notice is quite common in the average music school. 
Tamara Bernard - 24 years old

Why should you take lessons at Novae Popschool?

  • Novae Popschool is the place to be for guitar lessons!
  • Professional guitar instructors
  • Personally customised lessons
  • Changed your mind? Switch to a different instrument, no problem!
  • 1-on-1 lessons, or in small groups
  • No waiting lists
  • Learn to groove for days
  • Play music with others
  • Guitar lessons for all ages
  • Contemporary teaching methods
  • Performances & recitals
  • Your musical enjoyment comes first!

Our English speaking guitar teachers


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